Best Hulu VPN Services of 2019

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1 ExpressVPN

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Starting price: $8.32 / MO Money Back: 30 Days
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Expert Overview
Hulu lovers could also turn to ExpressVPN due to their outstanding services. Aside from offering good speeds, clients get to enjoy robust security and easy to use software. The company’s customer service is excellent, offering 24/7 support. The company’s charges might be costly, but they certainly offer value for their money, and allow customers in the US to make full use of their services, too. Besides, they have a 30- day refund policy that could cover customers that may not be fully impressed.

2 NordVPN

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Starting price: $2.99 / MO Money Back: 30 Days
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Expert Overview
NordVPN provides its clients with fast streaming servers that guarantee a smooth browsing experience. Some of the unique features that make this VPN ideal for most users include its sturdy encryption, over 1000 servers across 60 countries, the support of a wide array of platforms, including Netflix. With the high rating that the NordVPN has, users could make use of its free version prior to signing up for premium services. It’s a great choice for US-based customers.

3 CyberGhost VPN

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Starting price: $2.75 / MO Money Back: 45 Days
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Expert Overview
CyberGhost is a Romanian-based VPN service provider that promises its customers, including those in the US, with high-end-security. Additionally, their great speeds are an added advantage to individuals that crave to stream Hulu content. The company boasts of having an extensive network of over 1000 servers in over 60 countries. Their reasonable monthly plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Similarly, users opting for an annual price package get to make the most of the company’s services with an attractive price tag.

Other Options By Ranking

4 Ivacy VPN

Starting price: $1.33 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
There are several reasons why Ivacy stands among the best VPN services to watch Hulu. The service provider offers its users with the ease of changing their IP addresses from anywhere in the world, including the US. Additionally, their services are accessible over different platforms, including Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. A safety feature that also entices its clients is the use of 256-bit encryption. This ensures that data is completely hidden from any snoopers out there.

5 VyprVPN

Starting price: $3.75 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
Apart from unblocking Hulu, VyprVPN could also help its users in gaining access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Now. An impressive attribute about the company’s services is that they have their own servers, some of which are based in the US. This warrants that users could stream their videos in HD without actually buffering. VyprVPN makes good use of its robust encryption feature to guarantee its users with utmost safety. Unfortunately, one downside of VyprVPN is that it keeps the logs of users.

6 RusVPN

Starting price: $4.99 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
They have servers in 27 countries and are most recommended for countries like United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine for the fastest and most feature-rich experience. This VPN service is best suited for Streaming, Torrenting, Gaming, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and 98% of user reviews who used RusVPN are positive.

7 SaferVPN

Starting price: $2.50 / MO Money Back 30 Days
Expert Overview
SaferVPN supports just about all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and several others. The company also embraces the notion of zero-log policy, regardless of whether you are a US-based user or located somewhere else in the world. Besides, with numerous services across 36 countries, a user can rest assured of uninterrupted VPN services that could easily bypass Hulu’s firewall. The company’s money-back guarantee policy also offers a unique advantage where interested clients get to try out their product for a limited period of time.

8 PureVPN

Starting price: $3.25 / MO Money Back 7 Days
Expert Overview
With great features, such as split-tunneling and dedicated servers, PureVPN can be a great choice for all users. Whether you are in need of enhanced anonymity on the Internet, or simply want to reach Geo-blocked content, this VPN can be your solution. PureVPN offers 750 servers in around 140 countries, enabled for P2P sharing, leak protection, military-grade 256-bit encryption, and much more. Besides, it’s great for users on a tight budget.

9 IPVanish VPN

Starting price: $6.49 / MO Money Back 7 Days
Expert Overview
As one of the most trustworthy providers in the industry, IPVanish offers a great set of features for its users. From military-grade encryption to an ad-free Internet experience, this VPN is worth your while. It’s budget-friendly, considering all of its features. IPVanish is great for keeping you safe and protected on the Internet. Also, with servers in 60 countries strategically spread throughout the world, the provider is perfect for unblocking Geo-restricted content.

How to Watch Hulu Anywhere with a VPN

What Is Hulu?

Hulu is a world-class video streaming service like Netflix. It offers a wide range of movies, on-demand TV shows and live content to users. Established in 2008, Hulu quickly grew to become a power player in the premium streaming sector. It boasts 25 million subscribers in the US and offers subscribers access to many cable networks and their libraries of shows.

Hulu's great offering is only available in the US and Japan. If you live anywhere else, you will not be able to stream Hulu without a VPN. Virtual private networks are an effective tool to circumvent geolocation-based restrictions on Hulu membership. Of course, the right quality VPN must be used to ensure that uninterrupted HD streaming is possible. Many VPNs hinder the streaming of video content, making them unsuitable for services like Hulu.

Why You Should Consider Hulu

Unlike Netflix, Hulu was built for online streaming from its inception. Thanks to its narrow focus it has grown into a worthy contender against the giants of steaming online video, Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube.

Hulu has contracts with the Walt Disney Co., CBS Corporation, A&E networks, 21st-century Fox, and NBCUniversal among other top content producers.

By partnering with high-end cable networks like Cinemax, HBO and Showtime, Hulu is able to bring a much wider range of quality shows to viewers on TV, PC, Mac and mobile devices. These add-on packages allow Hulu to charge a premium for additional shows, particularly the high-quality networks like HBO and related cable channels.

The most notable Hulu shows include: Minding the Gap, Future Man, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, Castle Rock, The Handmaid's Tale and Marvel's Runaways.

If you're in the market for a new streaming subscription give Hulu a try.

How Can A VPN Help You Watch Hulu?

The issue with Hulu is it's laden with location-based licensing restrictions. Hulu is able to detect your location based on your IP address, and if you're not in the US or Japan you won't be able to watch. In short, Hulu is rather difficult to unblock, but there are a fair number of high-quality VPNs capable of allowing you to access Hulu despite its geolocation-based restrictions.

A VPN service connects your computer to the VPN server in a different country or location, changing your IP address and allowing you to enjoy content as if you were in Hulu's geographic domain. When you are travelling abroad, living or working in another country, or simply want to access Hulu content outside of the US and Japan, a VPN will do the trick.

Choosing a Reputable VPN Service for Hulu in 2019

Clearly, there is a long list of boxes that need to be checked when choosing a reputable VPN provider. With Hulu's online streaming service, speed and a large number of US and Japanese servers are top considerations. You don't want any issues with buffering, disconnects, or interruptions while you're watching a TV show, documentary or movie.

Below is a handpicked selection of 3 VPNs that will help you to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality streaming of Hulu content:


One of the main advantages of using VyperVPN over other VPNs for Hulu streaming is that you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. If you’ve got a big family or lots of roommates, this is ideal. VyperVPN offers secure, rapid connections and it comes with a free trial period.

The customer service teams work around the clock for your added convenience. They respond professionally, politely and promptly to queries and concerns – always a plus. Many lesser-quality VPNs simply don't have a customer-centric focus; VyperVPN goes the whole 9 yards.

This VPN is an effective way to unblock Hulu wherever you are. It has a functional user interface and is best suited to iOS, Windows, Routers, Apple TV, Android, Mac and streaming hardware. Fortunately, it's pretty affordable and the VyperVPN Premium service works like a charm.

Pros of VyperVPN:5 device connection, great customer service, affordable

Cons of VyperVPN: Basic plan does not include Chameleon protocol


NordVPN began as a rudimentary service but in recent years, it has grown to become an industry benchmark with a solid reputation among its users. When you want to watch Hulu, NordVPN is a great tool to use. It offers guaranteed security, reliability and uninterrupted streaming.

NordVPN runs on a sleek and stylish user interface, and is ideally suited to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Apple TV. No advanced tech skills are need to watch Hulu with this VPN.

A new feature known as DoubleVPN is also available with NordVPN that hides your IP between two interconnected servers. NordVPN offers 24/7 support and service and we can personally attest to the reliability of this VPN service.

With over 1,000 servers located in the United States, 240 in Canada and 30 in Japan, you will be able to watch Hulu anywhere its servers are based. Fortunately, NordVPN is affordably priced and ideally suited to high-quality streaming of Hulu TV shows, films and documentaries.

Pros of NordVPN: Good security, reliable, affordable price, plenty of servers

Cons of NordVPN: Pricier (but worth it)


ExpressVPN is widely regarded as the finest VPN services in the industry. It offers a no-logs policy which is really important in terms of online privacy. Plus, users get to connect up to three devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN is noted for its high-quality customer support and service which is available 24/7.

If you have a limited budget, ExpressVPN may not be the right choice for you. Hulu subscribers will certainly derive plenty of benefits from pairing ExpressVPN with their Hulu subscription. This is a solid combination, and the speed and reliability of the connection will not affect your internet connection at all.

The best is saved for last: ExpressVPN features 100+ servers across the US. What else? ExpressVPN has a kill switch as well as split tunneling which allows you to isolate encrypted traffic flow.

Pros of ExpressVPN: Plenty of servers, great customer support, reliable speed, no-logs policy

Cons of ExpressVPN: Pricier than other providers, 3 device connection

Summary of 2019’s Best Hulu VPN Providers:

Rank Vendor Monthly Price Range Overview User Ratings
1 ExpressVPN $8.32 - $12.95 "Best & Fastest VPN" 8.8
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2 NordVPN $2.99 - $11.95 "I prefer NordVPN" 8.2
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3 CyberGhost VPN $2.75 - $12.99 "The best VPN i used !" 8.6
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4 Ivacy VPN $1.33 - $9.95 "Helped me torrent safely" 7.4
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5 VyprVPN $3.75 - $6.67 "Very nice vpn" 8.0
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